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Submit to the Writers' Block

Have a writing success or horror story? Want to share your Loft class experience? Want to review something you've read from a writing perspective? Think a trend is going to be important for other writers to know? Attend or know of an upcoming literary event that other writers need to hear about? The Writers' Block is always looking for good write-ups on anything having to do with writing, reading, and the literary life.

Our posts are organized into six main categories which you can think about when submitting.

  • A View from the Loft (long form articles, interviews with authors, in-depth reviews from a writing perspective)
  • Publishing & Books (posts on publishing, technology, trends, e-books, agents, editors, bookstores)
  • Tips, Technique, & Craft (posts on writing craft, tips, technique, or a particular craft element)
  • Literary Roundup (this is a quick news and link roundup that Loft staff prepare each week)
  • Opportunities (a preview of upcoming opportunities for writers, including events, Loft classes & conferences, contests, or other arts collaborations)
  • Writing Life (topics include things like inspiration, finding and taking time, success (or failure) stories, unusual approaches, and most other topics covering the life of the writer)

We cannot accept works of creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry unless part of a contest or offering, but if you have an idea like any of the above, we want to hear from you. Send your ideas to Rachel at ryang (at) Typical posts are between 300-800 words, but they can vary widely. The Writers' Block does not pay for accepted submissions, but posts are generally some of our top viewed pages and shared through various social networks.