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A View from the Loft

Why I Loved My Time at the Loft as an Intern

Posted on Fri, Jul 15 2016 9:00 am by Emylisa Warrick

The summer has gone by so quickly, but it seems like I just arrived. I was so excited to learn that I got the summer Marketing and Communications internship at the Loft. They interviewed me remotely and, suddenly, here I was. Here are several things that I look fondly on and would gush about whenever my friends/peers/colleagues asked me how my time at the Loft was going.

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Reasons Why I Love Interning at the Loft: An Incomplete, Random List

Posted on Thu, Mar 27 2014 9:00 am by Lära Palmquist

As the marketing and communications intern at the Loft, I'm presented with an environment that is at once encouraging, inspiring, and filled with opportunities to contribute to meaningful work. Consider applying for a summer internship at the Loft to contribute to this special community. 

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Debut Novel Plucked from Slush Pile: Does That Ever Happen?

Posted on Wed, Apr 17 2013 9:00 am by P.S. Duffy

The scene is familiar to most writers of fiction: a panel of agents and editors sit side by side at a table facing a room overflowing with writers eager for publication. The doors close. The room goes quiet. Introductions are made, and the panelists hold forth on what agents and editors look for in submissions and what makes or breaks debut fiction. For me this scene took place several times at my first AWP conference last March. There were two recurring themes: getting an agent is crucial; getting pulled from the agent’s slush pile, next to impossible...

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Video: Oliver de la Paz Mentor Series Reading

Posted on Wed, Apr 3 2013 9:00 am by Chris Jones

On March 22, 2013 the Loft Mentor Series in Poetry and Creative Prose featured Oliver de la Paz reading with participants Lesley Nneka Arimah and Molly Sutton Kiefer. Find video of each reader on the post.

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Video: Nov 3 EQ Performance and Oct 29 Nuruddin Farah Reading

Posted on Fri, Nov 23 2012 9:00 am by Chris Jones

The Loft has had an amazing stretch of readings and performances. Below is some video from the Nuruddin Farah reading on October 29 and the Equilibrium performance Beyond 1862: I’naż’in po – Native American Poets Rise Up on November 3...

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AuthorCasts: Steve Stern & Emma Straub, Joseph Campana & Paul Otremba, and Evelyn Klein

Posted on Mon, Oct 8 2012 9:00 am by Lucas Schulze

September featured some great events at the Loft. The audio from three of those readings is posted here. 

  • Paul Otremba and Joseph Campana (September 12, 2012)
  • Evelyn Klein (September 14, 2012)
  • Steve Stern and Emma Straub (September 19, 2012)

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Interview with Carrie Mesrobian and Laura Bradley Rede

Posted on Wed, Oct 3 2012 9:00 am by Carrie Mesrobian and Laura Bradley Rede

For those who haven’t read the latest pieces on the topic—what is “young adult” (YA) lit?

Carrie Mesrobian (CM): YA lit simply is about the experience of growing up during the teenage years. Teenagers exist all over the globe, so in my mind it’s a genre wide open for commentary.

Laura Bradley Rede (LBR): Yes, technically it’s literature about teen protagonists, written with a teen audience in mind (although, obviously, many adults read YA, too!) but at its heart it’s about experiencing the world from a teen point of view...

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Interview with Molly Beth Griffin and Jim Heynen

Posted on Wed, Sep 19 2012 9:00 am by Rebecca Schultz

On Thursday, September 20 (7 p.m.), Milkweed Edition authors Molly Beth Griffin and Jim Heynen will be reading from their new publications at Open Book. Molly Beth Griffin will be reading from Silhouette of a Sparrow (2012 recipient of the Milkweed Prize for Children’s Literature), and Jim Heynen will be reading from his novel, The Fall of Alice K. I had the pleasure of connecting with both writers to learn a little bit more about their writing processes and rituals...

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Five Copywriting Tips That Will Make You a More Successful Writer

Posted on Wed, Sep 12 2012 9:21 am by Amy Simso Dean

Why does the Loft offer copywriting workshops?

Writers used to have helpful agents and publishers drumming up interest in their novels or collections. Today, you have to do it yourself. That means marketing.

Query letters. Flyleaf copy. Book signing proposals and promotion. Websites, blogs, and Twitter feeds. Email messages that supportive friends and family will send to their friends and families. You will need it all…and you will have to [copy]write it yourself...

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Amy Leach Interview

Posted on Thu, Jul 19 2012 9:38 am by Rebecca Schultz

Tonight at 7 p.m., Milkweed Editions author Amy Leach, author of Things That Are, a collection that combines science, nature, philosophy, and cosmology with pure imagination, is reading at Open Book. Her reading will be accompanied with art by Nate Christopherson, the illustrator for the book. I had the pleasure of connecting with Amy earlier this week...

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