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Young Writers’ Program 2017

Posted on Mon, Feb 20 2017 9:00 am by Sara Krassin


'Tis the season to sign up for summer youth camps! If you have a child or young adult who has a love of writing and reading, the Loft is the place for them this summer.

Due to popular demand, we've moved to a new format for our summer youth offerings. With the exception of a few single Saturday offerings and an all-day, week-long camp, all summer youth offerings will be week-long, half-day offerings, with either a 9 a.m. or 1 p.m. start time. (This allows for back-to-back classes for those needing all-day options for their kids.)

Check out a sampling of classes below. There's something for every young writer!

Ages 15-17

College Writing Jumpstart  l  Kris Bigalk
July 10-14  l  1-4 p.m.  l  Reg $262.50 Mem $236.25

Writing in Place  l  Jeanne Bain
July 17–21  l  9 a.m.-noon  l  Reg $262.50 Mem $236.25

Advanced Fiction Workshop: Putting the Story in Your Story  l  Robert Voedisch
July 17–21  l  1-4 p.m.  l  Reg $262.50 Mem $236.25

Ages 13-17

Worldbuilding: Writing Dystopias, Urban Fantasy, and More!  l  Alex Juffer
July 17–21  l  9 a.m.-noon  l  Reg $262.50 Mem $236.25

Character Studies  l  Carrie Mesrobian
July 17–21  l  1-4 p.m.  l  Reg $262.50 Mem $236.25

Poetry Workshop  l  Carolyn Williams-Noren
July 31–August 4  l  9 a.m.–noon  l  Reg $262.50 Mem $236.25

Ages 12-14

Writing Song Lyrics  l  Ben Connelly
July 24–28  l   9 a.m.–noon  l  Reg $262.50 Mem $236.25

Making Writing Magic  l  Danielle Zaccagnino
July 24–28  l  1-4 p.m.  l  Reg $262.50 Mem $236.25

Ready to Rumble? Write a Sports Novel!  l   Lisa M. Bolt Simons
July 31–August 4  l  9 a.m.–noon  l  Reg $262.50 Mem $236.25

Ages 9-11

Do You Want to be a Writer?  l  Peter Blau
July 10–14  l   9 a.m.–noon  l  Reg $262.50 Mem $236.25

Making Comics: a Loft/MCBA Writing & Book Making Class  l  Tom Spence
July 10–14  l   1–4 p.m.  l  Reg $277.50 Mem $249.75

Playwriting: Make Your Story Come Alive Onstage!  l  Connie Kingrey Anderson
July 24–28  l   9 a.m.–noon  l  Reg $262.50 Mem $236.25

Ages 6-8

Wow! Bumpy! Gross! The Senses in Writing  l  Lisa M. Bolt Simons
July 10–14  l  1–4 p.m.  l  Reg $262.50 Mem $249.75

Action! Thrills! Laughter! Let’s Create a Friendship Adventure Story  l  Rachel Gabriel
July 17–21  l  1–4 p.m.  l  Reg $262.50 Mem $249.75

Use Your Imagination  l  Nancy Carlson
July 31–August 4  l   9 a.m.–noon  l  Reg $262.50 Mem $249.75

Still Can’t Decide?!

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