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Spring Classes at the Loft

Posted on Fri, Feb 10 2017 9:00 am by Sara Krassin


Block out some time and circle your calendars, spring classes are here! At the Loft, we believe stories and poems are now more important than ever, and with these classes we aim to connect readers and writers to conversations, ideas, networks, and methods that can make a difference.

Whether this is your first class at the Loft, or you're a regular returning for more, it can be hard to choose from the 100+ options available each season. Don’t worry: I’ve culled the depths of our catalog to create this condensed list of offerings. There really is something for everyone!

Creative Nonfiction

Happy Hour Class: The Creative Nonfiction Writing Group  l  Rachael Hanel
Advanced  l  3/17-5/5  l  Fridays  l  4-6 p.m.  l  6 sessions  l  Reg $210 Mem $189

The Quick and the Deep: Crafting Very Short Personal Essays  l  Melissa Febos
Open to All Levels  l  3/10  l  Saturday  l  10 a.m.-4 p.m.  l  1 session  l  Reg $275 Mem $247.50

Writing the Cooking Life  l  Beth Dooley
Open to All Levels  l  3/15-4/19  l  Wednesdays  l  1-3 p.m.  l  6 sessions  l  Reg $210 Mem $189


Happy Hour Class: Digging for Treasure: Mining Craft Books to Write Smarter Fiction  l  Allison Wyss, Erin Kate Ryan, Roseanne Periera
Open to All Levels  l  3/17, 3/31, 4/21  l  Fridays  l  3-6 p.m.  l  3 sessions  l  Reg $157.50 Mem $141.75

Romance: Write Your Way to Happily Ever After  l  Samantha Bohrman
Open to All Levels  l  3/11  l  Saturday  l  1-4 p.m.  l  1 session  l  Reg $52.50 Mem $47.25

Six Weeks on Talking: Writing Dialogue  l  Allison Wyss
Open to All Levels  l  3/14-4/18  l  Tuesdays  l  10 a.m.-noon  l  6 sessions  l  Reg $210 Mem $189


All About Poetry: The Basics  l  Casey Patrick
Open to All Levels  l  4/13-5/18  l  Thursdays  l  6-8 p.m.  l  6 sessions  l  Reg $210 Mem $189

Reclaiming Language Through Form: A Poet’s Guide  l  Chavonn Williams Shen & Fayise Abrahim
Open to All Levels  l  4/15  l  Saturday  l  9 a.m.-noon  l  1 session  l  Reg $52.50 Mem $47.25

Writing Fire Under the Skin: Poetry and the Senses  l  Mike Rollin
Open to All Levels  l  3/15-4/26  l  Wednesdays  l  1-3 p.m.  l  6 sessions  l  Reg $210 Mem $189


Identities at the Border  l  Roy Guzman
Open to All Levels  l  4/27-5/18  l  Thursdays  l  6-8 p.m.  l  4 sessions  l  Reg $140 Mem $126

Opinion Writing: Finding Your Voice of Influence  l  Matt Peiken
Open to All Levels  l  4/25-5/16  l  Tuesdays  l  6-8 p.m.  l  4 sessions  l  Reg $140 Mem $126

Writing Funny: Incorporating Humor Into Your Essays, Stories, and Poems  l  Elizabeth Tannen
Open to All Levels  l  3/11  l  Saturday  l  9 a.m.-1 p.m.  l  1 session  l  Reg $70 Mem $63


Discovering the Writing World  l  Heather Goodman
Beginning  l  3/1-4/26  l  8 weeks  l  Reg $312 Mem $280.80

Disrupting Silence: Using Your Inside Voice  l  April Gibson
Open to All Levels  l  3/15-4/26  l  6 weeks  l  Reg $234 Mem $210.60

Nailing Your Scenes  l  Jack Smith
Open to All Levels  l  3/1-4/26  l  8 weeks  l  Reg $312 Mem $280.80


#Black Lines Matter  l  Keno Evol
Ages 15-17  l  4/15  l  Saturday  l  1-4 p.m.  l  1 session  l  Reg $52.50 Mem $47.25

Fairy Tales, Myths, Magic, and Book Making  l  Marie Olofsdotter
Ages 9-11  l  3/11  l  Saturday  l  9 a.m.-noon  l  1 session  l  Reg $55.50 Mem $49.95

Teen Fiction Intensive  l  Isabel Harding
Ages 13-17  l  3/11  l  Saturday  l  1-4 p.m.  l  1 session  l  Reg $52.50 Mem $47.25


Children’s Writing for Beginners  l  Lisa Bullard
Beginning  l  3/16-4/20  l  Thursdays  l  1-3 p.m.  l  6 sessions  l  Reg $210 Mem $189

Happy Hour Class: Playwriting  l  Cristina Pippa
Beginning  l  3/17-5/19  l  Fridays  l  4-6 p.m.  l  8 sessions  l  Reg $280 Mem $252

New Yorker Short Story Club  l  Margaret LaFleur
Open to All Levels  l  4/13, 4/27, 5/11  l  Thursdays  l  6-9 p.m.  l  3 sessions  l  Reg $108 Mem $97.25

The Writer’s Way Retreat  l  Glenda Reed
Open to All Levels  l  4/14  l  Friday  l  10 a.m.-4 p.m.  l  1 session  l  Reg $105 Mem $94.50

Writing for Absolute Beginners  l  Jorie Miller
Beginning  l  3/16-5/4  l  Thursdays  l  1-3 p.m.  l  8 sessions  l  Reg $280 Mem $252

Writing for Your Writing Career: Crafting Pitches, Proposals, and Everything Else You Need to Publish  l  Laura Zats & Eric Hane
Open to All Levels  l  3/14-4/18  l  Tuesdays  l  5-7 p.m.  l  6 sessions  l  Reg $210 Mem $189

Still Can’t Decide?!

Loft Class Sampler
Open to All Levels  l  3/4  l  Saturday  l  9 a.m.-4 p.m.  l  1 session  l  Reg $39.50 Mem $35.55

If you’re new to the Loft, new to creative writing, or you’d just like the opportunity to meet several Loft teaching artists, join us for the Loft’s sampler class! For one specially reduced price, you’ll get a full day of sample classes across genres.

9-9:55 a.m.  l  Basics sampler with Peter Blau
10-10:55 a.m.  l  Creative Process sampler with Brenda Hudson
11-11:55 a.m.  l  Fiction sampler with Robert Voedisch
12-1 p.m.  l  break for lunch
1-1:55 p.m.  l  Creative Nonfiction, Op-ed and Column Writing sampler with Matt Peiken
2-2:55 p.m.  l  Memoir Writing sampler with Rachael Hanel
3-3:55 p.m.  l  Poetry class with April Gibson

Sara Krassin is a Minneapolis based poet, editor, and bibliophile. She currently serves as Poetry Contest Editor for the Water~Stone Review, reads submissions for Jellyfish Highway Press, and interns at The Loft Literary Center in Marketing & Communications. Her poems have appeared in Third Point PressArtemis Journal, and The Sand Canyon Review. Find her at @MsKrassin.