Sacred Shorts Writing Contest Winner

Posted on Fri, May 9 2014 2:00 pm by June Blumenson

Congratulations to the winner of our Sacred Shorts Writing Contest, June Blumenson! Announced last night at The Hero's Sacred Journey, here's her winning poem, which will be on display at the MIA until the Sacred Exhibition closes. 

                                                           Dogs of War                                                                                       

                                  War is a failure of the imagination—Adrienne Rich                                            

  Who will come to honor the warriors        when they are fully steeped in darkness?
               Who will tear apart the earth        to reveal their names on bracelets
                                                      of war?         Dog-tags:
                                                        pieces         of steel        
                                                    that over         simplify          
                                                         a life.         Tags:
                                                   the price           to pay;
                                                      a short           phrase
                                                  attached             to a
                                                 complete              sentence;                                  
                                                the end of              something;    
                                              a variation               in the last
                                                   section                of a song;
                                               Who will                  go inside
                                          the heart of                    monuments                  
                                                to carve                     out the
                                  wounds of war?                       Tag: to stamp
          as a work of art for auction;                            to mark: as in the images
we take with us as we walk away.                            Tag: what later we wish we’d said.


June Blumenson’s work has appeared in various books and journals including: Adana Literary Journal, Boston Literary Magazine, The French Literary Review, Intimate Landscapes, The Edge, Times They Were A-Changing, and Nimrod International Journal as a finalist for the 2012 Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry.