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Write Your Life: Take a Free Writer’s Retreat

Posted on Wed, Jun 20 2012 7:05 am by Emily Urness

All of us have led interesting lives but not all of us take the time to write about them. We don’t have the luxury of going to a writer’s retreat this summer, or even taking a few days off from work and family life to focus on getting the pen to the page. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t take a writer’s retreat.

Take the time every day for two weeks and retreat yourself. Imagine breezy beaches or cozy cottages, put on a bikini, and pour yourself a drink. Your prescription is to take one writing prompt per day for fifteen minutes and run with it. Do them in order or print them off, cut ‘em up, and throw them in a hat. Just write. You have an all expense paid retreat to be on. Pack a pen, your pj pants, and shut the door.

Welcome to your destination.

Here are your writing prompts.

  1. Write about a favorite childhood object or toy.
  2. Write about an influential person in your life.
  3. Write about a worst day.
  4. Write about your best day.
  5. What makes you happy?
  6. Write a historical timeline of your life.
  7. Write about the places you have lived.
  8. Write about your parents.
  9. Write about a memorable holiday.
  10. Write about a family tradition.
  11. Write about your first job.
  12.  Write about an event in popular culture or politics that affected your life.
  13. Write about a turning point.
  14. Write a list of life lessons that you have acquired.

Emily Urness has been all shades of writer from poet to playwright but considers creative nonfiction her genre of choice. She has taught in a variety of venues from one-on-one writing sessions to an at-risk youth writing program as well as local senior centers. She has worked on several literary publications including: PRISM International and Spout Press. She is currently working on a memoir collection about her wacky family. Emily will be teaching at the Loft this summer: Captured Memories: An Introduction to Creative Nonfiction which runs July 10–31.