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Lit Chat: Meet Jennifer Bowen Hicks

Posted on Fri, Mar 16 2018 2:22 pm by Sun Yung Shin

Text image: Lit Chat, Sun Yung Shin interviews local literati


More optimistically, while I don’t think we can ask art to “do” anything—after working with my students—I’m more convinced than ever of art’s potential to open a space that is fertile, healing, sacred, and shared. Tomas Tranströmer says, “Every person is a half open door/ leading to a room for everyone.” This work shows me time and again how writing opens that door. It is the most hopeful thing I know.

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Wind Up for The Pitch: Meet Kurestin Armada

Posted on Thu, Mar 15 2018 2:49 pm by Loft Staff


It’s incredibly hard to get started working in this industry without financial support from family, a spouse, or years working another job. And it’s not because publishing houses aren’t making any money, let’s be clear. The salaries getting cut aren’t usually the ones at the top. Without paying internships, travel/lunch stipends, remote opportunities, open houses, wider candidate pools, acceptance of mid- to late-career changes, and higher starting salaries, we can’t widen the demographics of people working here. And without widening those demographics, we can’t change the landscape of what actually gets published.

Luckily, groups like WNDB, POC in Pub, Latinx in Pub, and Literary Agents of Color are trying to shift some of those things!

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Posted on Wed, Mar 14 2018 1:50 pm by Dawn Frederick

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This is my encouragement to savor every moment, from the creation of your book idea, to penning the idea, to escorting it to agents and editors. Any attempt to rush the process may deter from your book’s future successes, let alone publication potential, if the wrong steps are taken.

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Poetry Out Loud: Gearing Up for Semi-Finals!

Posted on Wed, Feb 28 2018 5:00 pm by Jessie Lee-Bauder

image reads: "poetry out loud: inspiring students"

We are so excited for the Poetry Out Loud state semifinals and finals next week! Minnesota’s contestants have chosen a beautiful range of poetry from authors of all eras, ages, and identities, and we can’t wait to experience them. We are equally thrilled about the local poets, artists, and literary figures judging the competition. They are a passionate and creative group of individuals with strong ties to Minnesota, and they have produced a rich collection of criticism, essays, articles, and poetry.


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Reading Like a Writer: A GOOD COUNTRY and the Creation of Intimacy

Posted on Wed, Feb 21 2018 11:07 am by Allison Wyss

image text reads: "Reading like a Writer, with Allison Wyss"

That's what we're trying to do when we create intimacy in fiction. We open characters up so they're vulnerable—so they can be hurt—and then (usually) we hurt them. Intimacy works very much like conflict. Bring characters together—whether aggressively or tenderly—and things will happen. They might even change.  

It's controversial, of course, to suggest that intimacy can substitute for conflict, that it can create change all on its own. But if you won't go quite so far, you can surely agree that it complements conflict, making it more painful and thus increasing its impact.

That's what happens in A Good Country. When the friendship explodes, it hurts more than it ever could have without the moment of communion.

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Wind Up for The Pitch: Meet Dawn Frederick

Posted on Thu, Feb 8 2018 3:00 pm by Loft Staff

image of Dawn Frederick, a literary agent at Red Sofa Literary

FINDING the idea that I’m beyond excited to work with, SELLING it to a publisher and seeing the joy my author experiences, and literally HOLDING THE BOOK after the fact. It’s a birthday x 3, and it’s just the best experience seeing my authors reach these goals. 

Read More Comments Why Agents and Editors Attend Conferences

Posted on Tue, Feb 6 2018 2:27 pm by Dawn Frederick

There’s another reason why we may close to queries: we’re getting ready for a busy few months of conference travel. Yes, writers’ conferences. It’s one of my favorite things to do, as I get the chance to visit other cities in the company of other book folks. There’s the adventure and book talk; this is why it’s a delight to attend them.

In order to ensure that we’re ready for these conferences, we’ll plan any classes that we plan to teach at the conference, while finishing any reading from our query inboxes beforehand. The goal: to have both the time and the room on our lists to potentially work with any writer who presents a fun and exciting idea at these conferences.

The organizers of these conferences are promising their attendees that the agents and editors will be available for book pitches. It’s our responsibility to be receptive to these ideas, and to provide the education to anyone who may need to fine tune an idea. While every writer may not find their perfect agent/editor match at a conference, it’s important those agents and editors in attendance provide the critiques and education that will result in finding a future match (maybe through the inbox or at a different conference).

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Lit Chat: Meet Rachel Moritz

Posted on Thu, Jan 25 2018 1:56 pm by Sun Yung Shin

headshot image of writer Rachel Moritz, with caption "Lit Chat: Sun Yung Shin interviews local literati"

"For myself, I’m probably more aware that each stage of life is like its own geography, a place we’re surprised to find ourselves. We need language in all the places, illuminating all the experiences. If I ever doubt my own writing practice, or think I should give it up, it’s helpful to just come back to this."

Read More Comments The Necessity of Contracts

Posted on Tue, Jan 23 2018 2:17 pm by Dawn Frederick

If you are independently publishing any book, contracts are a necessary part of the process. This includes hiring a freelance editor, a book designer, a publicity person, a printer, a distributor, and any other relevant costs associated with publishing your book. If you are putting the money (and time) into the publication of any book, having a written agreement with any third party is absolutely mandatory.  

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Poetry Out Loud: The Poems We Carry With Us

Posted on Fri, Jan 19 2018 2:30 pm by Jessie Lee-Bauder

It’s never too early to start learning about poetry, and memorizing it not only for personal enjoyment, but also with the intention of sharing joy or beauty with others. Poetry Out Loud helps high school students feel the impact of poetry, and facilitates the process of memorization and presentation. Through the competition, they are likely to discover meaningful poems that they will then carry—and share—for a long time after it ends.

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